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Jaw/Chin Augmentation or Reduction

The chin and jaw angle shape can be altered either by bony reduction in the case of excessive protrusion or augmentation where there is deficiency in these areas.

Augmentation is usually with Medpor implants and these can now be custom made for the exact shape required.

Surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia although sometimes can be performed under local anaesthetic with or without sedation if requested. Patients are usually discharged home following a one night stay in hospital although some patients having chin implants or a minimal chin reduction may go home the same day.

Some bruising and swelling will occur for the first few days and recovery to normal activity takes 7-14 days. The final shape of the new chin may not be fully appreciated until a number of months following surgery when all the swelling and tissue oedema has settled.

If an intra-oral approach is used then a soft diet is usually recommended for the first few days in order to allow the wound chance to heal. Antibiotics and mouthwash will usually be given and good oral hygiene is very important during this time.

Any sutures placed in the skin should be removed 6-7 days following surgery.

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