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Neck Lumps

Neck Lumps

The problem

You have a lump in your neck and this needs to be investigated.

The majority of lumps in the neck are not sinister and often represent enlarged lymph glands, especially if you have had a recent cough/cold.

If the lump persists for more than 2 weeks your GP will usually send you to a specialist for further investigation.

What to expect

Your specialist will take a thorough history and examination, which may involve examination of your throat and upper air passages with a flexible telescope. This is carried out following administration of a numbing spray to your nose and throat and the telescope is introduced through one of your nostrils.

Further tests

You may also need an ultrasound, which allows a careful examination of the lump and deeper tissues of your neck. A fine needle can also be introduced into the lump under local anaesthetic and a small biopsy obtained. This can then be processed and an accurate diagnosis obtained. Your specialist will discuss the need for this.

Further tests such as MRI scans may also be required.

Neck Lumps